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Presented by Activist, Eco Socialist and Public Speaker, Roland Vincent.

The Animal Rights movement is part of the political Left. The
struggle for animal protection and animal rights is no different than
the historical struggles to secure the rights and freedoms for
minorities and the oppressed. The fight against speciesism is a
continuation of the fight against racism, bigotry, hatred, and
oppression of the weak.

The Armory of the Revolution is designed to be a source of
philosophical and historical information for animal activists, and a
resource for political and organizational strategies to broaden and
grow the movement and expand its influence.

Roland is an animal rights activist, an environmentalist, and a civil libertarian, all of which puts him on the political Left. Now on his fifth career (he was a stockbroker, investment banker, lawyer and Democratic strategist running presidential campaigns), he runs progressive social issue campaigns.

Brazenly anti-military. he was thrown out of the Cub Scouts for refusing to wear matching pants.
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Justitia et veritas omnia vincit
The Animal Rights Leadership Council, (ARLC), founded by Roland has been organized to provide education and training to those seeking to lead the movement into the next decades. ARLC is a not for profit organization dedicated to animal and universal rights.

ARLC, with the support of partners and donors, will provide free or low cost services to promising young activists.
"Guerilla warfare is what we do. Not with guns or weapons, but with ideas, organization, sound bites, demos, and ALF raids. The weapon I am most proficient with is the written word. I have an armory full of that particular weapon which I will be posting here. Heavy artillery, grenades, tanks, bazookas! Ready for combat. You just need to go there and pick up your supplies. They don’t do any good just sitting in inventory.
Bombs Away!"
The Greanville Post is the leading social justice and animal liberation website in the world, focusing on American politics, international relations, European and Asian politcs, Animal Rights, socialism and capitalism.

Roland Vincent serves as special editor of Eco-Socialism, the Environment, and Animal Rights.

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